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Client Name: Alison F.
Client Goals: Overall Fitness

I found Charles after I had my second baby. I was depressed and self concious about my body. I wanted to avoid big gyms and their trainers. I've been to them and they truly do not compare to Just Get Fit in quality of training or value for your money. He not only physically trains me but he also talks to me very specifically about my eating habits. He helped me realize the exact changes I needed to make to see results. I lost 15 pounds in the first 12 weeks and felt great. My goals always feel realistic and I look forward to, not dread, my next session. Charles is kind, patient, experienced, and professional. I can not recommend his business enough. It has done as much for my mental health as it did for my physical health. A year later I still see him several days a week and will continue to do so indefinitely.

Client Name: Amanda Mulder
Client Goals: Overall Fitness

A sincere and huge 'thank you' to Charles. I have never enjoyed exercise or physical fitness activities, and as a 36-year-old, petite, non-athletic female I have never been good at them. Knowing that I needed to improve my overall fitness for a physically demanding job, but intimidated by my lack of strength and skill, I began my search for a trainer. Since starting my workouts with Charles, he has motivated me in every session to work harder than I thought I could, and has pushed me with challenging and constantly changing routines. I appreciate his attention to detail - he doesn't let me do any part of an exercise with poor form - and his knowledge of what he's doing and why he's making me do it! Thanks to Charles, I even look forward to my sessions every week, and am thrilled at the progress I've made through his competent teaching, patient encouragement, and infectious enthusiasm. I am so grateful for his help. I would never have come this far without him. I sincerely and confidently recommend Charles to anyone looking for an individualized and challenging work-out session under the guidance of a skilled trainer.

Client Name: Jackie Mulder
Client Goals: Overall Fitness

I am a 60-year-old, non-athletic female battling impending age-associated physical weakness, stiffness, and imbalance in addition to worrying about the potential ravages of osteoporois that often strike older inactive women. I am so very thankful to Charles Dauer and his knowledgeable training skills. I started working with Charles in August of 2013, one year after falling and fracturing my right shoulder. Initially I could not perform a fairly simple lateral shoulder raise due to pain and stiffness. Now I am successfully performing them using light weights and without pain! I have also gained strength, flexibility and endurance throughout my body (particularly in those pesky hip areas) and my balance is slowly improving. It is so much fun to see and feel this happening. I actually look forward to my work-out sessions and feel secure that I am safely training with some one as professional and well-prepared as Charles. He also has nice way about him (a great personality that is fun-loving yet serious) that makes the sessions so very enjoyable. My advice? Don't settle for second rate when you can have A-1. Just get fit! THANK YOU CHARLES!

Client Name: Roz Kratz
Client Goals: Overall Fitness

Charles is a an extremely knowledgable and experienced trainer who incorporates a lot of variety, fun, and hard work into every session he plans for me. He designs workouts for me that are personalized...workouts that definitely challenge me, but are tweaked to adjust to my specific needs. I love the fact that almost every exercise in our session improves my balance, core strength, and targeted muscle group, all at the same time. Without hesitation and with great enthusiasm, I would recommend Charles to anyone, regardless of their age, fitness level, or prior gym experience. In summary: excellent trainer; great guy.

Client Name: Chris Wells
Client Age: 35
Client Goals: Weight loss, overall fitness

I have been training with Charles for about five years. Charles is knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness and nutrition. Charles has helped me improve my overall fitness, including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Charles uses a variety of exercises to keep the workouts challenging and fun. His positive attitude and dedication have made training with him a true pleasure. Regardless of what my fitness goals have been over the years, Charles has provided me with the tools and support to be successful and achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Charles! JUST GET FIT!

Client Name: Logan Taylor (written by his mom, Colleen)
Client Age: 13
Client Goals: Weight loss, sports performance

My son, Logan, started training with Charles when he was just ten years old. He has struggled with his weight, which effects his self esteem, since he was about five. Charles has given my son a new outlook on working out and staying fit. The positive attitude that Charles displays helps keep his work outs fun and interesting. My son feels motivated and is doing things he never thought he could. He is learning to be successful even when its really hard to do! Charles is also teaching him about nutrition and how this plays a key role in his health and weight. Charles has helped him with his balance and strength and because of this, he has been very successful with his basketball. My son has gained so much from working with Charles and his attitude says it all! The smile I see when he looks in the mirror is priceless!

Client Name: Mike Willis
Client Goals: Overall Fitness

Charles Dauer is a true professional trainer. He is a solid asset in my maintenance of good health. Charles not only focuses on the training at hand, but he also helps with good nutrition and healthy activities beyond the gym. And, Charles keeps my training interesting and more effective by varying my exercises for each session. I highly recommend Charles as a big part of your "healthy arsenal" in life.

Client Name: Greg Seets
Client Goals: Overall Fitness

I have had a genetic neurological disorder called Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease all my life. This disease has a major impact in both my leg and arm muscles and gets worse as I get older. It affects my balance and strength. Charles understands these problems and works with me to tone and condition myself for greater balance and strength. Charles designs specific exercises that I can do with my disease. I never lift heavy weight that I cannot control. I would recommend Charles as your personal trainer.

Client Name: Marty
Client Goals: Weight Loss, Overall Fitness

I found Charles at a low point in my life. 59 years old, 70 pounds overweight, dealing with recent death of my mother and moving my father from my home to a memory care facility. I had no energy, and struggled to enjoy the good things in my life.

Within a few sessions with Charles, my outlook on life was much improved. I felt better, moved better and had more energy to connect with others. The sessions are challenging and I definitely work up a sweat, but I'm never sore afterwards. Charles emphasizes exercises that help make your life easier, like being able to put on your socks without needing to sit down (balance) or reach up for things without hurting yourself (flexibility).

I was apprehensive about a personal trainer, thinking only fit people wanting to get fitter were accepted, but Charles has been welcoming, accommodating and encouraging. The one on one instruction without anyone else in the studio removes any stress about my level of fitness.

Next, my eating habits need to change, and Charles has the tools to help. He asks "how's your nutrition?" without shaming or pushing me to try anything. He just educates me and offers better alternatives when I describe a craving or bad habit.

I look forward to the life benefits I will gain with continued fitness sessions with Charles.