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Charles Dauer - Personal Training and Fitness Charles Dauer began his personal training career in 2001 and received his national personal training certification from I.S.S.A (International Sports Science Association). In addition, his 15 years of culinary experience provided him with the knowledge and skills to provide his clients with expert nutrition knowledge and personalized meal plans to assist them with reaching their fitness goals. Charles worked at a variety of fitness facilities in the West Valley prior to starting his own personal training company, Just Get Fit, L.L.C.

Charles has a strong background working with a variety of clients. He has worked with clients from 4 to 84 years of age and from couch potatoes to elite athletes. Charles uses his vast knowledge to design individualized programs based on each client's fitness level and goals. In addition, Charles has worked with clients with a wide variety of injuries, such as shoulder, lower back and upper back, as well as clients with hip, knee and ankle replacements.

Charles has an extensive knowledge of a variety of training styles and philosophies. His style of training combines "old school" traditional strength training exercises with current functional training exercises, which incorporate multi plan movements throughout the workout and a greater oxygen deficit, which means greater calorie burn and muscle recruitment. Functional training is simply function in everyday movements, the benefits of which are a stronger core, lower back and improved balance, which enable you to perform movements without injury. Charles uses a 3-tier integration model that enables him to incorporate these exercises with your personal fitness level and goals in a safe, effective manner.

Charles will not only customize your workout, but he will educate you on the important role that nutrition plays in achieving your fitness goals. Nutrition is often overlooked and the impact it can have is huge. Charles will teach you how to eat healthy and fuel your body. No fad diets here! No cookie cutter workout programs! Charles will provide you with custom workouts and meal plans. Isn't it time to Just Get Fit?